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You know those movies where you open a door and it opens up into another world. That’s how I feel every time I walk into Felix. It is a coffee shop with soul from the aesthetic movement of the late 19th century with a chic and elegant decor that will leave you speechless.

Felix Roasting Co. – Coffee’s that tell a story… It’s delicious, it’s addicting and during the winter in New York City it is mandatory. I want to share with you today more than ever this delicious blessing from God. My favorite local coffee shop is without a doubt Felix Coffee Roaster’s. Located in Midtown, Manhattan on Park Avenue between 30th and 31st street. Let me show you what I’m talking about because words do not do it justice.

Felix Roasting Co. in Manhattan, NYC.
Felix Roasting Co. in Manhattan, NYC.
Felix Roasting Co. in Manhattan, NYC.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday: 7AM to 6PM
Friday: 7AM to 8PM
Saturday: 8AM to 8PM
Sunday: 8AM to 6PM

450 Park Avenue South

Pictures credit from here

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I’m Paulinne, and this is my creative space. I think that fashion doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I hope you enjoy and come back often.

Manhattan, New York

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