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Welcome to Stowe Winterland

Hi guys, today I’m gonna share with you my snowy adventure.

First of all, the quarantine wasn’t easy for anybody but being in NYC with buildings and noise all over, all the time was super stressful.

So, we had the idea of traveling to a calm and peaceful place where we could enjoy some fresh air and a little adventure. Let’s go to Stowe in Vermont!!!



LIBRE means FREE and FREE means ME.

Yves Saint Laurent launched Libre, a new fragrance for women, later this month. This fragrance is for those who do what they want and dare to be exactly who they are. It’s one if not the most beautiful, fanciest, and chic bottle from Yves Saint Laurent with a masculine camel color twisted in the most feminine way, amplifying the intensity of the original bottle.


Color Factory is back!

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw how amazing the “New Normal” at the Color factory NYC was! If you don’t, then you should! hahaha @paulinnefreire  
You can see my first post (before the pandemic) talking about this amazing, immersive, and interactive exhibition: Color Factory: here
There, you are going to be able to see all of the details about the exhibition and here I’m going to focus on the new procedures. Deal?  


Blue jeans and white t-shirt!

No outfit is more classic (or easy) than blue jeans and a white T-shirt. Today I’m gonna show you the manhattan way to use this combination during the summer, but please, be very careful about how your t-shirt is going to fit your body, if it’s too loose, a knot is going to save your silhouette.


Color Factory NYC

I was so happy and honored to be invited to such an amazing, immersive, and interactive exhibition: Color Factory NYC. The exhibition consists of 16 colorful stations, all of which I could try out and have some fun with. What I had personally heard before, was that it was all really pretty – which I can now 100% confirm – and that it’s one of the most instagrammable places on earth.


L’AGENCE – Fall 2020 Presentation – NYFW

Collection is all about menswear inspired tailoring for the modern woman! L’AGENCE’s Fall 2020 collection is here and I had a great privilege and honor being invited for its presentation event at the iconic Bowery Hotel in Manhattan’s East Village. The event kick-started the season with great style and panache, as we got an opportunity to have a closer look at the brand’s exclusive collection.